Our family is committed to your family’s happiness.

At Family Affair Puppies, we’re a family working together to raise puppies and bring happiness to other families. Our first concern is your family. We always want to ensure your new family member will be the perfect pet for your lifestyle.

All of the puppies we deliver to homes across the country are bred, raised, and trained according to the highest industry health and veterinarian-approved canine behavior standards, as well as all USDA and Indiana regulations.

Bio Sensor Stimulation

All of our puppies receive Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) exercises — also known as bio sensor or bio sensory stimulation. This protocol begins on the third day after birth and continues daily through their 16th day, which is a critical period of neurological development.

Bio Sensor Stimulation features a series of careful caresses and exercises to stimulate neurological growth and to introduce the puppy to the enjoyable experience of human touch.